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Sablier handles errors with the convenient and gas-efficient custom error syntax introduced in Solidity v0.8.4.

The error data encoding is identical to the ABI encoding used for functions, e.g.:

error SablierV2Lockup_Unauthorized(address caller, uint256 streamId);

Yields the following 4-byte selector in the contract's ABI:

// 0xe10e8f6f

Naming Pattern

With the exception of a few generics, all errors in Sablier V2 adhere to the naming pattern SablierV2<ContractName>_<ErrorName>.

Incorporating the contract name as a prefix offers context, making it easier for end users to pinpoint the contract responsible for a reverted transaction. This approach is particularly helpful for complex transactions involving multiple contracts.

Error List


Click here to see the full error list in V2 Core.


Click here to see the full error list in V2 Periphery.