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Sablier V2 is a binary smart contract system comprised of many contracts, libraries, and types, which together make Core and Periphery.

  • Core provides the fundamental streaming logic of the Sablier V2 Protocol. It contains LockupLinear and LockupDynamic, which are the primary contracts that users will interact with.
  • Periphery contracts interact with one or more Core contracts but are not part of the Core. They are an abstraction layer that enhance the security and the extensibility of the protocol without introducing upgradeability.

Given the permissionless nature of the Sablier Protocol, the Periphery has no special privileges and is only a fraction of possible periphery-like contracts. Users maintain the liberty to establish streams via the Core directly.

The design of the Sablier smart contracts draws inspiration from the architectural principles of Uniswap.


Core Source Code

Core contains the streaming contracts LockupLinear and LockupDynamic, an NFT descriptor, and the Comptroller (an on-chain configuration module).


LockupLinear Reference

Creates and manages Lockup streams with a linear streaming function.


LockupDynamic Reference

Creates and manages Lockup streams with dynamic streaming functions.


NFTDescriptor Reference

Generates the URI describing the Sablier V2 stream NFTs.


Comptroller Reference

This contract is in charge of the Sablier V2 protocol configuration, handling such values as the protocol fees.


Periphery Source Code

The Periphery is a collection of contracts meant to make the Sablier Protocol more modular while introducing functionalities such as Airstream Campaigns.


MerkleStreamer Reference