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The Sablier Interface

The best way to interact with the Sablier V2 Protocol is through the official client interface. Visit our landing page at for a presentation of what the protocol can do, or go directly to to create your first stream.

Example streamCreate stream
Stream profileCreate stream


To get a grasp of what's possible with the V2 interface, we've put together a primer on the core features of the protocol which you can find here.


We've created a couple of tutorials and guides to help you interact with the client applications. From creating a stream to withdrawing or setting up a group of stream with a Safe multisig, we've got you covered.

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Sablier V1

The first version of the Sablier protocol will keep running in perpetuity thanks to the Ethereum blockchain, but the V2 interface is not compatible with the V1 protocol. We will keep hosting the legacy apps so that you can manage any streams previously created on V1.