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The Sablier APIs

Sablier relies on specific dependencies to source data or manage off-chain flows. All of these are either public or fully open-source, so feel free to roam around and suggest improvements or optimizations where needed.

Subgraphs and Indexers (GraphQL)

As an alternative to reading data from the contracts or listening to onchain events, we use a set of subgraphs and indexers. These act as a middleware between the chain and our interfaces and allow for caching, formatting and querying data.

The Graph's Subgraphs

The Graph has been the vendor of choice for the EVM space for the past few years. We've been integrating The Graph since 2019 with Sablier V1. For Sablier V2, we designed a special set of feature-oriented subgraphs used not only by us (in the official apps) but by 3rd party services (e.g. snapshot) and integrators alike.

These subgraphs are hosted on The Graph Network, as well as on the The Graph Hosted Service. They can be used to query Sablier data from the official endpoints. Every network has its own subgraph endpoints.

Read more on the dedicated pages about our protocol and merkle subgraphs or check out the official vendor docs.

Github - apps/protocol, apps/merkle@sablier/v2-subgraphs

Envio's Indexers

Envio offers a suite of fast and flexible tools to access on-chain data. Their HyperIndex service provides for a similar GraphQL driven API to access cached data and serve it into our client interfaces.

We designed a set of indexers that mimic the features and entities exposed by subgraphs and take advantage of the speed and optimized environment configured through HyperIndex. Read more on the dedicated page about our protocol-envio and merkle-envio indexers.

All networks share the same indexer endpoint (for one indexer type), as Envio promotes a cross-chain indexing architecture.


Before diving into integrating Envio's indexer as a data source for your application, please read the main differences between subgraphs and indexers (generally as well as applied to the Sablier deployments).

Github - apps/protocol-envio, apps/merkle-envio@sablier/v2-subgraphs

Merkle API (Rust)

To support our Merkle distribution (a.k.a. Airstreams) system we developed a backend service called @sablier/v2-merkle-api. This backend deals with the validation, creation and management of Merkle trees, used to define eligibility and claiming rules for Sablier's Airstream campaigns.

This service is open-source and can be used by integrators as a plug-n-play solution to support (and even deploy) similar campaigns from their own dashboards. Read more on the dedicated page about the merkle-api backend.

Github - Rust based API to generate Merkle distribution@sablier/v2-merkle-api


To preview the GraphQL APIs for subgraphs and indexers you can plug them into Hasura's online explorer. Here's an example setup for the sablier-v2 mainnet subgraph inside Hasura's explorer.