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To integrate the Sablier V2 subgraph into your own product, start from the official subgraph repository. We recommend using:

Github - sablier-labs/v2-subgraphs: Sablier V2 SubgraphsGitHub


To contribute to the V2 subgraphs or deploy your own, head over to the GitHub v2-subgraphs repository. Get started by reviewing the packages/core directory.

To bootstrap a subgraph project, run the following commands. These will install all the necessary dependencies and generate the code for a possible goerli deployment.

cd ./packages/core
yarn install
yarn setup:goerli

To deploy a new subgraph (e.g. on Goerli):

  1. make sure to create a new item (e.g. using The Graph's hosted network)
  2. add its name/endpoint under the deploy:goerli script in package.json
  3. add your own Sablier V2 contract addresses in ./constants/chains/goerli.ts
  4. make sure you're authenticated in the terminal
  5. run yarn deploy:goerli

Read more about the way The Graph works in their official docs.