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To ensure Envio indexers deliver the same data as The Graph's subgraphs, we've written differential tests over our merkle and protocol configurations.

Check them out inside the apps/[...]/test/ folders.

Github - sablier-labs/v2-subgraphs: Sablier V2 IndexersGitHub


The differentials tests are powered by Jest. Inside test/setup/constants.ts, you will find the full configuration for these tests. This is where you'll also be able to toggle between using the local endpoint (see development to bootstrap a project locally) and the hosted-service one, using the REMOTE flag.

pnpm run test

As the set of streams or campaigns grows, the final tests (full coverage over the entire list of elements) may time out. We suggest either splitting them in chunks or setting a manual limit to the number of iterations the loop can cover at once. Alternatively, you could also try increasing the timeout of the tests.