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The Sablier Protocol is hosted on GitHub and the source code for each contract is verified on Etherscan.

Github - sablier-labs/sablier: Cryptoasset streaming protocolGitHub


Depending on the web3 library you're working with, you may need to get hold of the Sablier ABIs (application binary interfaces). The ABI acts as an interface between two program modules, one of which is the smart contract and the other the Ethereum virtual machine code.

There are two ways to obtain it:‌

  1. Copy Sablier.json from sablier-labs/v1-abis.
  2. Clone sablier-labs/v1-protocol and compile the contract yourself.

Here's an example for how to do step 2 with yarn and truffle:

$ git clone sablier-v1
$ cd ./sablier-v1
$ yarn bootstrap
$ cd ./packages/protocol
$ truffle compile

The `Sablier.json` artifact should be generated in the relative `build/contracts` folder.