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Stream Statuses

A Lockup stream can have one of five distinct statuses:

PendingStream created but not started; assets are in a pending state.
StreamingActive stream where assets are currently being streamed.
SettledAll assets have been streamed; recipient is due to withdraw them.
CanceledCanceled stream; remaining assets await recipient's withdrawal.
DepletedDepleted stream; all assets have been withdrawn and/or refunded.


A stream status can have one out of two "temperatures":

WarmPending, StreamingThe passage of time can change the temperature from warm to cold.
ColdSettled, Canceled, DepletedThe passage of time alone cannot change the temperature from cold to warm. Only a user action can do this.


The following diagram illustrates the statuses and the allowed transitions between them:


Q: What is a null stream?

A: An id that does not reference a created stream. Trying to interact with a null stream will result in a revert.

Q: What to do with a stream status?

A: Knowing the status of a stream can inform your decision making. For example, if a stream is canceled, you know that you can't cancel it again. Or, if a stream is depleted, you know that you can't withdraw any more assets from it.

Q: How can a stream enter the SETTLED status directly?

A: This is a peculiarity of the Lockup Dynamic type of stream. Segment amounts can be zero, and the segment milestones can be set in such a way that all non-zero segments are in the past. This will cause the stream to enter the SETTLED status directly.