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The Sablier Protocol wraps every stream in an ERC-721 non-fungible token (NFT), making the stream recipient the owner of the NFT. The recipient can transfer the NFT to another address, and this also transfers the right to withdraw funds from the stream, including any funds already streamed.


The transferability of the NFT makes Sablier streams tradable and usable as collateral in DeFi. Imagine an NFT lending marketplace that allows users to borrow funds by locking their streams as collateral (effectively borrowing against their future income). Or a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade streams for other assets.


If you're interested in making an integration, please fill out this form and we will try to respond as soon as possible.


Thanks to adhering to the ERC-721 standard, Sablier streams can be traded and viewed on any NFT marketplace. Here are some of the marketplaces that support Sablier streams:

If you prefer the granularity of a blockchain explorer, you can also view the stream NFTs on Etherscan. See the Deployments page for the full list of addresses.


Be careful when buying NFTs that represent cancelable stream. When these streams are canceled, the unstreamed amount is returned to the sender.


The SVG artwork is generated using certain real-time values, such as the current time on the blockchain. However, NFT marketplaces cache the NFT metadata, and this may cause the SVGs might not always be up to date.

The Sablier Protocol triggers ERC-4906 events whenever there's an update in a stream (for instance, when a withdrawal is made). However, it's worth noting that some streams might remain unchanged for an extended period.

To ensure you're viewing the most recent version of the NFT SVG, it's recommended to check the stream directly via the Sablier Interface.

Hourglass SVG

Sablier V2 streams are represented as unique onchain generated hourglass SVGs, which change their color and content based on user data. Here's an example for a stream that is 42.35% way through:

Progress42.35%StatusStreamingAmount≥ 8.91MDuration124 Days 0x88704b0e9f356aa123ae1a7b9835bb93779a8ed3 • Sablier V2 Lockup Linear 0x88704b0e9f356aa123ae1a7b9835bb93779a8ed3 • Sablier V2 Lockup Linear 0x162af9d7cda33a574a1153b58f03ea01cc37e568 • DAI 0x162af9d7cda33a574a1153b58f03ea01cc37e568 • DAI