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The Sablier Interface includes a ton of cool features, from small design aspects to popular integrations (e.g. with Farcaster Frames). Here are a couple of our favorite ones:

Auto-Generated Preview Images

For the stars of our show, we generated special preview images based on the qualities of each entity. Share these on social media for an extra bit of glamour. Here's an example on X.

To see what your preview looks like, paste the stream URL (e.g. on socials or looks for the "Share custom image feature" button (Stream Profile → More Options → Share Stream).


Farcaster Frames


We developed our own set of Farcaster Frames! Share these in your favorite client and interact with Sablier directly from the app.

LatestStream by ID
Keep tabs on the latest streamsShare stream previews using their ID

If pasted in the browser, the links will redirect to show the final images. Makes sure to use them in Farcaster in this original form.