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Sablier Airstreams

The Sablier V2 interface can hadnle more than native streams. We developed a solution for distributing token streams to millions of users called Airstreams. Start exploring at

Easy 3-step process

Create a campaign by following these three simple steps:

  1. Configure the initial details (e.g., token, cancelability)
  2. Upload the CSV containing a list of recipients
  3. Deploy and fund the Airstream campaign contract
Step 1Step 2
Timezone Caveat

All the dates and times in the CSV are considered to be in the same timezone as the locales of the airstream creator's device.


With the official app, you can distribute up to 50k+ streams per campaign. If you'd like to support more, you can do so by using a self-hosted Merkle service. Feel free to get in touch for more details or premium support.

Dashboard for Airstreams

Enter the Dashboard and discover a detailed overview of the Airstreams you may be eligible for.

Take advantage of the Search functionality to explore the chain and gain more insight into how others are using Sablier.


Support for any ERC-20 token

Stream your favorite token! Thanks to our integration of Token Lists, any ERC-20 token can be streamed on Sablier.

Token ListToken List Search


Have a clear view of how your campaign is performing. Check eligibility or manage your own campaign from a dedicated interface.