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The Sablier V2 interface has been redesigned from the ground up to support all the new features of the Sablier V2 Protocol, and more. Start exploring at

Cockpit view of the streaming ecosystem

Enter the Dashboard and discover a detailed overview of your streams. Take advantage of the Search functionality to explore the chain and gain more insight into how others are using Sablier.


Multi-chain experience

Streaming, everywhere. We support 8+ EVM chains and testnets where you can stream or get paid using Sablier V2.


The universal streaming engine

You are in full control of the streaming model: linear, linear with cliffs, exponential, logarithmic or any other dynamic curve you can dream up.


Streamlined operations

Group streams and save time when creating streams for your employees, investors, or community members.


Support for any ERC-20 asset

Stream your favorite token! Thanks to our integration of Token Lists, any ERC-20 token can be streamed on Sablier.

Token ListToken List Search

Detailed panels

Explore each available stream in detail. Simulate future payouts, understand historical events, or simply enjoy cool representations of a monetized passage of time (NFTs 🔥).

DetailsApp Simulate Preview

Be in control of your future

Manage your streams 24/7 as you see fit. The app will guide you through every supported process and help you keep an eye on your payouts. Remember, you can always be both a sender and a recipient.


Interact with the Sablier contracts

We've mapped the most important utilities from the V2 contracts into in-app features. Interact with streams that reference you as a key participant (e.g. sender, recipient) directly from the interfaces.

Create Streams
Renounce Cancelability
Cancel Multiple

Stream from your Safe multisig

Sablier is fully integrated with Safe. Start streaming from the safety and comfort of your multisig wallet.

Do it with style!

Yes, the app works on mobile. And yes, we support dark mode by default (light mode coming soon).