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The Sablier Subgraphs

Sablier uses multiple subgraphs for indexing and organizing data from the Sablier smart contracts. These subgraphs are hosted on The Graph Network, as well as on the The Graph Hosted Service. They can be used to query Sablier data.

Github - sablier-labs/v2-subgraphs: Sablier V2 SubgraphsGitHub


To study the architecture of the subgraphs and learn about their design, have a look at the high level Entities and their Structural details.


To start using the subgraphs in your own applications check out the Endpoints.


To get started integrating the subgraph into your own applications you can extend some of the example queries. These will also showcase the filtering logic used by our own V2 apps.


To contribute, learn or suggest improvements to the subgraphs, check out the official v2-subgraphs github repository.